Poetic Expression: Apples n Oranges

“Well, we’re both fruit” Illustration by despardes.com

Majority left, West Pakistan Pakistan.
Cabal saved, lands freed, businesses nationalized
Politics monetized, economy amortized.

Dreamers became Muhajirs, Safdar weeps at Jinnah’s tomb
Salim got to wait and weep at mother Rabia’s grave.

Mujib ghaddar Bhutto martyr Zia dictator Musharraf zero renters hero
…here you go cabal wins again
Selling apples n oranges.

Nawaz Mian, Qadeer Samarkand, BB Zardari, Ghayyur da gharib, Paisa banana of course not kamana, votes ko izzat doh don’t matter.

Apples n oranges are for sale
Rehri wala wails and wails.

A flash from past pings: weeds we grow instead of trees
Haleem n roti kothi de honi tie on kameez
sub chalta hai apples n oranges are for sale.

Now we grow to and fro…a blast from past
Buds could born instead of thorns
if we were sown than left alone.

Quietly lonely leaves chirp beneath tender feets
heavenly flowers were they under starry skies
they hoped to tread.

Dreams can’t be reality they wink
nor marlas, kanals, Malls, metros, cars, guards
indeed I tell them apples n oranges r for sale.

And cut into two like cake swung away as candles blown
their thoughts weep water of wisdom eyes wide shut.

Still like knight-riding horses shining armors
galloping steeds they charge Trojan horses
burn boats, raise white flags squat on destiny.

We’re both fruit apples tell oranges
Sit n shut apples oranges r for sale.

–by Irshad Salim, May 30, 2021, ISB & May 6. 2024, KHI