The ‘Approved, Not Approved, Note Approved’ Video…

ISLAMABAD — Tango shared a videoclip. Such norms are being practiced all over, says the narrator. “If you can save, try saving this class.”

That will take time and lots of efforts, the initiative is facing proverbial “growing pains” amid “collective conscience” malfunction within institutions, says a social scientist.

PM Khan vows to bring reforms, and “He’s the elephant in the room”, Tango said.

With the help of a young trainee and a media professional who did QA/QC, we translated it (as best as we could) –in English. Here’s the transcript (edited for clarity) and the videoclip:


  1. A rookie Minister did not know how to keep calculations.
  2. A contractor came to the minister and told him that if he gave him the contract, the minister will be given Rs20 lakh.
  3. The minister accepted the offer. Sought the file and approved the contract with the note “Approved” on it.
  4. The contractor however disappeared after the file was approved.
  5. The minister got worried after three or four days passed and the contractor did not bring the “social fee”.
  6. The contractor came to the minister and said, “Sir, I have been watching you since morning. You are very upset.” “If there is any problem, let me know”, he said. “I have been working here for a long time. Understand that this ministry is running because of me. I will definitely find some solution to your problem”.
    The minister told the clerk that he had done the job without the clerk’s knowledge.
    The clerk said to the minister, “Sir, don’t worry, the file is in the office here.”
  7. “The problem in the file will be solved in a minute”. When the file arrived, the clerk said to the minister, “Sir, where you have written “Approved”, put “Not” before the word “Approved”.
  8. The minister did so, and returned the file. When the contractor found out, he brought the money and asked the minister to take his money and get the file approved.
  9. Now the minister got upset again. He called the clerk and said that now the money has come, how can I approve the file now?
  10. The clerk said, “Sir, call for the file. This problem will be solved in a minute.”
  11. The minister insisted there should be no cutting or overwrite on the file. If the cutting is done, the problem could get worse under rules of business.
  12. The clerk said, “Sir, just order for the file back to you. There will be no cutting. I have a lot of experience in such work.”
  13. “I run the ministry”. The file came, and the clerk told the minister that where you have written (Not) there, you put an “e” at the end so it will read “Note Approved”.

Approved, Not Approved, Note Approved