Bangladesh Offers ‘Free’ Visit Visas to Indonesians

The government of Bangladesh on Wednesday announced the start of a “free visit visa” facility for Indonesian nationals.

“From now onward, Bangladesh will offer ‘Free Visit Visa’ facility to Indonesian nationals on a principle of reciprocity,” the Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It said the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been conveyed to all Bangladesh missions and consulates, adding that the “arrangement will strengthen bilateral ties, particularly in the tourism sector.”

“The two countries are working closely to introduce direct flights and promote people to people contacts,” the ministry said.

“Two-way trade is expanding. The two countries are presently negotiating the signing of Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA).”

From an aid-dependent country, Bangladesh is now a trade-dependent country, a South Asia observer noted. “It is now focusing on economic diplomacy and developing expertise on blue economy diplomacy, hydro-diplomacy”.

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