Bernie Sanders on Corporate Greed, Corrupt Political System, Oligarchy

Congratulations to the workers at Starbucks for your union organizing success. A union means not only better wages and working conditions, it means having some control over your job and not just being a cog in the machine. It means being more human.

Corporate greed is Nike increasing its profit by 125% last year to $5.7 billion & blaming “inflation” for a 10.5% price spike on a pair of expensive sneakers made by workers in Vietnam earning less than a buck an hour while Phil Knight became $26.7 billion richer in the pandemic.

This is Russia’s Oligarchy. In 2017, it was estimated Putin was worth some $200 billion. Last year, Russia’s 120 billionaires owned $588 billion in wealth, equal to 60% of the country’s household wealth. We must destroy global oligarchy and create an economy that works for all.

Since it was announced that Howard Schultz (worth $4 billion) would be coming back as Starbucks CEO he has become $145 million richer – in just 2 days. It would take 4,600 years for the minimum wage worker at Starbucks to make that much money. Yes. Starbucks workers need a union.

Over the past 5 days, the average wholesale gas price has gone DOWN by 21 cents a gallon and the price of oil has gone DOWN by over $15 a barrel. Meanwhile, the average price of a gallon of gas at the pump has gone UP by 21 cents a gallon. Yes. We need a windfall profits tax.

We need to end our dependence on fossil fuels.

Overall, women are paid just $0.73 for every $1 men are paid. Black women are paid $0.64. Latina and Native American women are paid $0.54. How insane is that? It’s 2022. Equal pay for equal work is not a radical idea — it’s an issue of basic justice.

If every other major country on the planet can provide universal health care to all its people, why can’t we?

While 23 million Americans owe $228 billion in medical debt, 178 CEOs of healthcare companies made $3.2 billion in compensation in 2020. United Health alone made a record $24 billion in profits last year. Yes. We need Medicare for All.

This is what oligarchy looks like: Today, the 10 richest people in the world own more wealth than the bottom 37% — 3.1 billion people. We need a national and global economy that works for all, not just the few. The struggle continues.

A multi-billionaire with a super yacht should not pay less in taxes than a firefighter.

Global oligarchy is on the rise. Between 1995 and 2021, the top 1% captured 38% of the increase in global wealth, while the bottom 50% captured 2%. The share of wealth owned by the global top 0.1% rose from 7% to 11%. Children go hungry. Billionaires buy yachts. Not acceptable.

We have elections in this country which are dominated by big money and corporate interests. And whether or not our democracy survives depends on if we stand up together and put a stop to growing oligarchy.

Worker productivity is up 62% since the 1970s, yet wages have barely budged in the same period — meanwhile, CEOs in this country have seen their pay explode by 1,322%. Does anyone REALLY think CEOs are working 1,322% harder than they did in 1978?

Now, more than ever, those of us who believe in democracy and justice must work to bring working people all over the world together. Instead of hate & divisiveness, let us take on the greed & ideology of the top 1% and fight for economic, social & environmental justice. (14/14)

Take a look around the economy today: McDonald’s: profits up 59%. They’re raising prices. Starbucks: record profits. They’re raising prices. Amazon: record profits. Shock of shocks! They’re raising prices! Maybe — just maybe — we’ve got a corporate greed problem.

Meanwhile, real wages for the working class of this country have barely budged in 50 years.
“The U.S. now has almost 500 cities where the average cost of a home has hit $1 million “

A corrupt political system is 745 billionaires becoming $2.1 trillion richer during the pandemic, while 3.7 million children slipped back into poverty last month because corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats refused to extend the $300 a month Child Tax Credit.

Here is the economic situation in America today. Desperate workers who live paycheck to paycheck are forced to go to work. Thousands of them have died on the job. But hey, a handful of billionaires became over $2 trillion richer. That’s not an economic system we should accept.

If we do not summon the courage to take on corporate greed, if we do not summon the courage to stand up to the moneyed interests, future generations will look back at this Congress and will rightly ask, ‘where were you?’.

Hear me out, because this is a far-out concept… what if instead we just made the wealthy and huge corporations pay their taxes here on earth?
“The Moon should be privatised to help wipe out poverty on Earth, economists say “

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