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Diary of a CEO: Why social media preys on negativity; and 10 negative effects of social media on society

10 negative effects of social media on society

Soniya Roy, consultant at DigiTech writes in LinkedIn: Social media has become an essential part of modern society, offering us an easy way to communicate with others, connect with new people, and share information. However, it has also been observed that social media has many negative effects on society. Here are ten negative effects of social media on society: Cyberbullying; Spread of misinformation; Addiction; The decline in face-to-face communication; Self-esteem issues; Social isolation; Polarization and echo chambers; Cyberstalking and harassment; Decrease in privacy; Comparison and envy. Explained in detail here >

“It is (therefore) essential to understand these negative effects and take steps to mitigate them, ensuring a healthier and more balanced use of social media. We should strive to use social media positively, promoting mental health and well-being, and creating a safe and healthy society.”