CHINA Rising, Global Fear. But Chinese are Happy.

China has been building foundations for its own world order. It may be working a ‘long game’ to replace America as dominant world power. However, Beijing does not want to fall into a spiral of conflict; at the same time it does not fear confrontation on core issues, a Chinese analyst says.

China’s southern neighbor India, a strategic ally of the U.S. has joined the Indo-Pacific club with US, Australia and Japan: it is sending four navy ships for exercises and port visits with the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia to strengthen cooperation in the region –China’s maritime power is growing in the area, according to Stars and Stripes.

US Senate panel has advanced bill to restrict sale of Chinese telecommunications equipment.

China’s rise as a global power…after ‘100 year of humiliation’…sans foreign aids has ruffled feathers. The rise is backed by decades of resilience and results though. Most Chinese people are therefore generally happier with their ‘communist’ government now than ever. One example: wages quadrupled over 7 decades. More in this video clip: