Caucasian Blues and Sade’s Smooth Operator (Videos)

IRSHAD SALIM: “I love both these songs. Listen to them…they’re imaginative”, I said to a friend when he asked me on WhatsApp: “What do you think is happening in the region?” He got upset. “I’ve heard these before.” “Listen again and chill,” I told him.

But he blocked me. So I emailed him this pic:

The writer is Islamabad based.

2 thoughts on “Caucasian Blues and Sade’s Smooth Operator (Videos)

  1. So Irshad, I listened to Sade, it might have sounded alluring in the 80s, I don’t quite exactly recall. Today, however, it sounds happy hour jazz at an airport lounge. The kind of music that does not particularly interfere with your indulgence – single malt in a highball. The kind that fades in and out, the kind that you don’t miss when it ends. The kind of music that fills the space, without claiming it. The kind you don’t quite exactly recall, but I said that already.

    But YouTube had somehow already made a selection for me

    So you see, had I not listened to Sade, I most certainly would have missed this.

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