‘The Cloud’: Emmy Award Winning Actor Logan Crawford Interviews Jamil Usman About His Novel

Author Usman, a US national of Pakistan origin, lives in New Jersey. His novel’s main character Dr.Steven Lucas has a solution to end the fear of nuclear war: A cloud -something he has invented to protect Nations from nuclear weapons and fall-outs.

About the book: “The Cloud”, an English novel for children is a science fiction adventure for children’s age group 10 to 15 years. The story involves abduction of a scientist was working on a project for the homeland security. Terrorists kidnap the scientist Dr. Lucas, and try to force him to give the formula, but he refuses. Two boys, who were chasing the thief of their toy airplane, end up at the place where the scientist was being held hostage. All three are then taken to a strange land where people are forced into labor. More here >

Jamil Usman has authored several books, and is a poet also. He writes both in Urdu as well as in English. To his credit are eight books – seven in Urdu and one in English.

His latest book is available at the publisher’s website: www.dorrancebookstore.com (You can also order by phone at 1-800-788-7654). It is also available at the following outlets: