Conversation With Grandma On New World Order

Grandma (Dadi Amma) asked me “What is this?,” as I shared a video with her on WhatsApp.

“It’s the new World Order,” I told her.

“It is being worked on…deconstruct/reconstruct.”

“But why is the artist using a hammer?,” she asked.

“That’s the only tool he has, and knows how to use, and so he’s using it,” I said.

“I hope women and children are at home and safe,” she asked.

“Where did he get the hammer and the glass from?”

“He grabbed the hammer from the tool box in his garage, and the glass from the global village,” I said.

“Ask him to use something else, or visit his Grandma (Dadi Amma),”
she suggested.

“He seems to be a naughty boy…full of mischief…just like Dennis the Menace”.

She asked if Anaya was learning anything at home. “Yes,” I said.

“What about the schools,” she asked.

“This is the problem,” as I shared this video with her on WhatsApp:

“The kid is bright though…she has a point. Numbers change, day rolls over and the add ups remain the same.”

“No wonder she is not a happy camper about going back to school in this new world order,” Grandma (Dadi Amma) texted and turned on the disappearing message mode.

Irshad Salim, Islamabad