‘Human Beings are Pure Evil’: Dog Thrown From Balcony in Karachi Sparks Outrage

The sheer cruelty of the incident has struck a nerve, with many calling for stricter laws and harsher penalties for animal abusers.

by Images Staff: Stray animals are rounded up and killed en masse on a routine basis in Karachi to curb their population. Municipal laws allow authorities to either poison or shoot stray dogs with impunity — a practice that has been widely condemned as being cruel and inhumane.

In May last year, a video of a dog being killed by hanging in Karachi was widely shared on social media. The video showed a man hanging a dog from a rack with the help of a rope. The man, the watchman of a market, was later detained. The local SHO said that he “may have employed the wrong means of killing the dog — hanging him, instead of poisoning or shooting, a usual practice in the city to kill dogs in a bid to protect children against dog bites.”

Unfortunately, moments of outrage online do little to curb such incidents. It is time local governments invest more in neutering stray dogs if population control is such a problem.

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