FATF: Political Weapon against Target Nations? (Video)

NEWS OF INTEREST (NOI): Is Pakistan finally off the FATF hook after successfully completing the two FATF Action Plans? The country was put on Grey List in Feb. 2018. In this vLog below, Hassan Aslam Shad (an international law expert) explains to Imtiaz Gul how the FATF Action Plan became a double-edged sword for Pakistan because of systemic weaknesses. Among other things, Shad explains why Pakistan landed on FATF Grey List, what kept the country in Grey List, who deserves credit for getting the country out and lessons for future. “Credit goes to @ImranKhanPTI & @Hammad_Azhar” says @HassShad.

Shad in the vLog below (a talk with Najma Minhas, Managing Editor of Global Village Space), cautions exit from FATF is not end of Indian lawfare against Pakistan. “Today’s battles are not necessarily fought by soldiers on battlefield but law forums are increasingly used. Pakistan has been put on FATF grey list twice and black list once earlier. Onsite visit is a procedural requirement, however, if international community wants to put Pakistan under pressure, it can find another reason. Geopolitical factors play an important role in international lawfare that can be used against any country. One example he shares is how China has managed to use lawfare.

“Our success is the result of 4 yrs of challenging journey,” said Hina Rabbani Khar (the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs) in a tweet.

The Pakistani military’s ISPR tweeted that the “Completion of FATF AML /CFT action plans by Pak is a …monumental effort paving way 4 whitelisting… “Core cell @ GHQ which steered the national effort & civil – military team which synergized implementation of action plan made it possible, making Pak proud”-COAS””

“Pakistan needs to beef up its capacities for Lawfare”, independent observers and experts say.