‘Fear Marketed, Advertised Well in 2020’: Pakistani Trans Rights Activist Julie

During New Year’s eve, we asked some of our readers about 2020 and how they look at 2021.

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What drew our attention was this narrative by Pakistani Trans Rights Activist Julie. The link was shared by one of the WhatsApp members of Back2School Forum in Islamabad (@back2schoolpk) –we had asked the young Pakistani girl what she thought about the pandemic year.

The most dangerous intoxication is fear –COVID-19 pandemic is an example, Julie says in the video by TCM (The Centrum Media).

We take it the young Pakistani member of B2S WhatsApp Forum (who shared the video link) goes along with what Julie says on 2020.

“In 2020 fear has been marketed and advertised well…and we were told there is fear everywhere…fear of death, fear of poverty, etc…” the Pakistani Activist says. She explains what is the actual problem of the human race.

“She made me cry every time she comes on screen,” one viewer commented. “Better than most of our educated and well named philosopher,” said another. “I can literally listen to her for hours and not get tired!,” another commented.

Some more comments:

“Julie, you’re an amazing human being…”
“Things we learn from you can’t be learn from any Top ranking University”
“I’m just thinking how she explains everything every genuine issue’s or naked truth of society where she get this much knowledge? if she hasn’t any degree or education after listening her i realized that halaat or waqiat sab sikha dety hain…us k liye ap ko un sy guzrna parta hai or is k liye taleem yafta hona zarori nahi hota.”

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  1. Great initiative to highlight those who deserve it. Truth straight from the heart. Observation is a better teacher than theoretical knowledge.

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