Female Officers Dressed in Black Berets Help Pilgrims at the Prophet Mosque in Madinah

ARAB NEWS: Dressed in tan uniforms, veils and black berets, some 113 officers assist pilgrims and worshipers at the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah.

Dozens of female officers are also deployed in Makkah, where they are providing security and managing worshipers at the Grand Mosque.

The military-trained batch, created six months ago, is part of the KIngdom’s Special Security Forces homeland security unit. The move reflects Saudi strides toward empowerment of women and gender equality –MBS’ Vision 2030 launched in 2016 envisages inclusiveness and openness. More here…

IRSHAD SALIM from Islamabad: “Women participation in all spheres of public life has increased. Crown Prince Mohamad Bin Salman has advocated this in the 2030 Vision. He has appointed women ambassadors, CEOs, senior officials and heads of various associations,” says Khaled Almaeena, a leading Saudi and Gulf media personality based in Jeddah.

Courtesy: Arab News

“Personally I believe this has contributed to the wellness of Saudi society. And these appointments are not cosmetic as those put in charge are highly qualified professionals. I believe in a short period of time, Saudi Arabia has become a leader in women’s active role in society in the Arab and Muslim world. And I must stress they are living in a very safe environment”, said Mr. Almaeena.

Traditionally, there’s been heavy presence of women managing and controlling the ladies section of the Prophet’s mosque, “so having them guarding it will not be out of the ordinary,” a Saudi national based in London said. “However, dressed in tan uniforms, veils and black berets is a step up and a welcome sign,” a Saudi national based in Riyadh said.