MOTHER: This 1-Minute Iranian Film Took My Breathe Away (Video)

Written and directed by Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan, this 60+ seconds short film captures the universality of the longing we all have for a mother’s embrace –it took my breathe away. A perfect gift (in my opinion) for Mother’s Day Sunday May 9.

What inspired you to make this short film?

Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan: This idea and two other ideas I have had for short films were related to the period we were going through my mother’s cancer treatment and after my mother passed away. All three short films I have directed represent the importance of mothers in our lives, and the films are a product of how much I missed my mother.

What is the main idea you would like the viewer to take away after seeing this film?

The view I have about motherhood, and this can be seen across the world and all cultures, is that mothers are the most important and the safest place of shelter for any human. No shelter in the world is as comforting as the embrace of a mother … if anyone has experienced the embrace of their mother they would acknowledge this. Mothers are the greatest blessing and no one and nothing can replace the absence of a mother, and this is a shared trait among all people in the world. I produced this short film through the lens of loss and pain of absence that I felt for my mother and the absence of her embrace.

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Curated by Irshad Salim, Islamabad

12 thoughts on “MOTHER: This 1-Minute Iranian Film Took My Breathe Away (Video)

  1. Just deeply in the heart , have no words to express my feelings after seeing this one minute transformative movie. Absolute truth to the core of human existence. Bless you for making this beautiful and brilliant of a MOTHER ,

  2. I didn’t know what to expect watching this video my friend forwarded to me, so in a perfectly normal mood I watch this and instantly tears started flowing and I felt a pain in my heart for everyone that has lost their mother. Its heartbreaking, no matter how old your mother is your mother and may Allah most generous protect and keep our mothers happy and reunite us with them in jannah al firdoudous Ameen.

  3. Mother remains your mother even after she is dead she can visit you when you are in danger and protects you from all threats.Just visit the grave of your mother and just sit quietly and feel her presence around you,no body on earth can harm you in her presence ,this feeling of being protected is only available even after her death, that’s the reason God loves you seventy times your mother loves you,but word used by God is still the Mother,no matter how many times.

  4. I love my mother more then anything in this world and hereafter..

  5. It’s heart touching and heart warming
    Whosoever had this idea I salute him or her
    May the world know the value of mother ?

  6. No matter how I old I am, no matter how much I fought with Mama, she is my first friend, the first one who welcomed me in the world. She loved me even if she did not fully appreciate my choices. I remember her grace, beauty, kindness, wisdom, humor, her love of poetry, music, God, Papa, us. I miss her. Our talks, our adventures when we travelled. Our embraces.

  7. The being of Mother is so Unique and matchless in every body’s life that her charm and charisma never fades for any person, whether his Mother be alive or passed way. For Mother is an other name for True Love and care which no one else can furnish to one under the sky, for sure, so every one longs for the joy and warmth of her caress and lap, throughout all the days of his or her life.

  8. I am unable to stop my tears i have no words to express my feelings.

  9. This Beautiful Heart shaking film is land mark and best way to tribute “Mothers Day” on behalf of all the children of the world .Maa ke Qadmon mei Jannat Hai

  10. If everyone has the heart i of Mother,, there will be neither any illwish nor such war !!! There will prevail only LOVE, Selfless Love ❤

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