Flash Flood in India’s Uttarakhand: It’s Nature’s Payback, Say Experts

A flash flood in India’s Uttarakhand was nature’s payback for dam-building and other practices that disturbed the fragile make-up of the Himalayas, reports Reuters citing environmental experts.

“Indian environmentalists believe India’s push for hydropower was among factors that caused a deadly flash flood in Uttarakhand state.”

The Sunday avalanche triggered flash flood which washed away a hydro power project and damaged its structures.

Dozens of people were killed and more than 150 people are reported to be missing.

A fresh attempt to reach the trapped men by drilling into an underground tunnel failed on Thursday, the Indian Express reported.

“Following a rise in their water levels on Thursday — leading to a temporary halt in rescue operations”, said the paper.

How The Uttarakhand Tragedy Has Uncovered A 50-Year-Old Nuclear Secret

According to CRUX, “the Uttarakhand tragedy was likely to be ​the result of a long buried secret in the Himalayas. The villagers presume that the glacier break was caused due to a nuclear device that got lost in the mountains in 1965. News18 interviewed the man who led this secret mission”.