Why a Forefather of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fears the Future

“AI systems are going to be like a new species that might be smarter than us, and I think we should be very careful before we make these kinds of moves and think about the consequences.”

The renowned AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio explores humanity’s possible futures in a world populated with ever more sophisticated mechanical minds. Bengio shares his candid opinions on the ethical issues, political issues, and sociological issues surrounding the ascent of AI–the new frontier.

Moderator Brian Greene talks to Yoshua Bengio. This program by World Science Festival is part of the Big Ideas series:

Bengio, who’s a professor of computer science and operations research at the University of Montreal, is also the founder and scientific director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute in Quebec. He’s also the co-director of the learning and machines and brains program at the Canadian Institute. For his advanced research in 2018, Bengio received the Turing Award which in essence is the Nobel Prize of Computer Science.