Full Restoration of a Ruined Classic Motorcycle (Video)

Hot rods are typically cars and motorbikes that might be old, classic, or modern and that have been rebuilt or modified for speed and acceleration. One definition is: “a car that’s been stripped down, souped up and made to go much faster.” Replacing the engine’s camshaft or “rod” with a higher performance version and replacing with newer similar to matching body is also referred as ‘hot rodding’.

According to the Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA), the term changes in meaning over the years, but “hot rodding has less to do with the vehicle and more to do with an attitude and lifestyle.

There is a contemporary movement of traditional hot rod builders, car clubs and artists who have returned to the roots of hot rodding as a lifestyle. This includes a new breed of traditional hot rod builders, artists, and styles, as well as classic style car clubs.

Making them or converting them into a EV (Electric Vehicle) would be an added plus -such hot rods have the potential to sell as hot cakes worldwide!