A Whole Chicken, Fish Fried Under A Bucket! (Video)

An unusual way to use bucket and prepare a a tasty, scrumptious chicken for lunch or dinner. In the Philippines they use a huge tin can from a biscuit container.

Wilderness cooking -delicious dishes in the wild we call it. No spoon measurements for the ingredients, just knowledge, techniques and probably family/home recipes. Now days most people have forgotten how to cook similar our ancestors did long, long ago.

Not only does such cooking technique provides mouthwatering experience and urge to cook similar with whatever means we have, but what’s more is that watching such videos gives lot of peace and the urge to try out “wilderness cooking’ – once in a while as a getaway.

PS: Cooking a Whole Sheep in the Kelbajar Region of Azerbaijan – https://youtu.be/WzWtxOufgbM