EDITOR’S PICK: These Funny Videos Lighten Us Up

Editor/Publisher DesPardes in Karachi –Before the Pandemic

Kabab Time. Nostalgic, Creative and Perfect Even During Pandemic

We Get Things Done Anyway

And This. The Videoclip Speaks For Itself

We All Need This Once in a While

A Rat Still Made it –on a Floating Sandal

Somewhere in India This Happened For Real

The End Must Justify the Means

Toddlers Beat the System –Safely, Smartly

The Ostrich Cares For His/He Team Safety. That’s Leading By Example

Dollars & Cents Vs Sense & Sensibility, No?

This Guy Deserves It Definitely. He’s Not “Bhangi” But “Safai Wala”

Curated by Irshad Salim in Islamabad.

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