Kashmir: ‘The Number You’ve Dialed Is…’

IRSHAD SALIM — It’s Eid holidays here –not too far from the Himalayan Valley where the Kashmiri Muslims won’t be able to probably undertake the animal sacrifice ritual following Hajj every year.

The Indian occupied part of the pristine region is under lockdown for a year now. August 5 is the first “anniversary” of the siege. This real estate happens to be in the Third Pole which is the water tower for almost 3 billion inhabitants, and guess what: The Mt. Everest ice and the glaciers are melting –getting chewed by global warming, just as this 45kg Samson is chewing lettuce on its time and choosing.


For the record, Kashmir remains the dinner plate in the dishwasher for decades now. Families there remain separated, people getting killed or picked up and gagged, as they want “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. Nothing wrong with that. They need this:


But it seems calls are getting these kind of (mixed) messages: ‘The Number You’ve Dialed Is No Longer In Service‘; ‘The Number You’ve Dialed Is Temporarily Disconnected’; ‘The Number You’ve Dialed Is Busy, Please Call Later’.

A new toll free (or even charges may apply) number can work or a Tweeter handle is fine. The call could land anywhere –even to a number in one of the OIC or GCC countries in the Mideast!

If a diver can convince an octopus to trade his plastic cup for a seashell, the Himalayan-sized issue of Kashmir can also be handled like this, no? Just a thought: human dimension based suggestion.


Kashmiris don’t want this to happen to their grievances nor to them:

The writer is a dual national (Pakistani American) based in Islamabad.