Gaza War and Students Protests: Perspectives on the Conflagration


The Ideas Letter: The war in Gaza has inspired powerful protest, unyielding contestation, and claims of genocide. In this issue, we solicited three contributions that aim to bring new perspectives to some of the questions thrown up by the conflict.

Mark Mazower, Professor of History at Columbia University – a campus now seen as the ground zero for university protest- considers the conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism, with a particular focus on Franklin Foer’s recent essay in The Atlantic on the purported end of a liberal period of prosperity for Jewish Americans.

The Nigerian writer and analyst Chris Ngwodo helps to interpret Israel-Palestine through the prism of African history and politics.

And Daniel Levy, an erstwhile Israeli negotiator at Taba and Oslo, looks at the protests on U.S. college campuses and explains how the contradictory and dubious representations of the current Gaza war express underlying political struggles, including over antisemitism.

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