Geography Is the Chessboard of History

We think we’re taught History. But we’re really taught Propaganda. History is about to Change.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius

“History is a set of lies agreed upon”― Napoleon Bonaparte

Tomas Pueyo in Uncharted Territories: What if I told you that History is not random? That it follows clear rules?

What if whoever conquered the US landmass was condemned to become an empire? What if China was always meant to be another empire? What if Europe had all the best geographic assets to make it the breakout continent? What if Northern Europe was always going to be richer than the South, no matter the protestant and catholic ethics? What if Africa’s geography holds it behind?

What if the land determined which tribes developed the technology to grow into cities? Which ones would become kingdoms and empires?

And what if I told you we’re leaving all this geographic influence behind?
Mankind is turning a page.
We’re starting a new chapter.
History is moving to the Cloud.

Geography’s influence on History has changed over time because of a new player: Technology.

Geography was the overwhelming force driving History early on. Like the board in a game of draughts.

Geography heavily restricted the moves that History could make. (Read more on this in ‘Prisoners of Geography’ book authored by Tim Marshall)

As Technology evolved—and in Technology I include technology, know-how, materials, government quality, military tactics… any idea, any meme that can improve proliferation—the pieces of the game became more complex and versatile. Geography started influencing less, and other aspects mattered more. The world went from a game of draughts to a game of chess: With more complex pieces, the game became more complex. Opportunities for new combinations emerged.

Nevertheless, the game is bound to a square of 8*8, with very specific rules.

Geography is the chess board where History happens.

History is about to change. Everything that determines the success or failure of a country has turned upside down.

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