‘Ghabrana Chor Doh’ (Video)

From ‘Ghabrana Nahi’ (Don’t be afraid) to ‘Ghabrana Chor Doh’ (Doff fear) is the battlecry of Imran Khan’s telegraphic travelogue of ‘Project Democracy’ in Pakistan. According to several independent observers (not Talk Shows or vLogs), Pakistanis are rallying behind ousted PM Imran Khan sans ‘Ghabrana’ (Fear). Khan has called for early elections which these observers, including a highly placed source, said is the only way forward for Project Democracy to continue.

A WhatsApp share on March 20, 2022

‘Ghabrana Nahi’: Project Democracy Sep. 21, 2021

Curated by Irshad Salim in Islamabad

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  1. IK is facing uphill battle and tough resistance from corrupt judiciary and bureaucracy. More over, Pakistani corrupt and bipolar politicians are easy pray for some outside powers. Although IK enjoys support from masses but odds are against him. SS with support from others will try to clink to power to the maximum to place his favorite people at key positions. Like before, burn the records and to consolidate his grip on power before announcing next elections. .

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