COMMENT: Tropic of Cancer Countries in Wealth and Happiness Chart By Visual Capitalist

IRSHAD SALIM — Pakistan is ahead of its eastern neighbor India in happiness score and behind in wealth per adult. Bangladesh is ahead of its western neighbor India and its erstwhile western half (until 1971). The So. Asian country once dubbed ‘begging bowl’ is also ahead of Sri Lanka in happiness score.

However, the island nation is ahead in wealth as compared with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (BD).

War-ravaged (2+ decades) struggling land-locked Afghanistan (Pakistan’s western neighbor and Iran’s eastern neighbor) )is ‘poor & unhappy’. It’s understandable, having taken the most hit in the global never-ending war on terrorism.

Iran (under sanctions for 4 decades now) and Venezuela are locked in together scores-wise –but slightly scoring more than Turkey in happiness and trailing the latter in wealth.

Nepal has a better happiness score than BD, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China beats India both in happiness score and wealth. Both have huge population size: 1bn+!

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