CONVERSATION: WhatsApp Share on Imran Khan and Pakistan Affairs

Shared by Mustafa Jivanjee, a Boston-based overseas Pakistani professional (dual national): “I think its high time that IMRAN KHAN should step down and leave this country and live a peaceful life in UK with his two great sons.

Imran is wasting his time. The country is run and controlled by super powers and it’s high time that we need to accept this fact with open heart.

Almost every department in the country has significant level full of corruption, our politicians and our political parties are also majorly corrupt and in total control of the establishment.

Some of our religio-politico organizations are puppets. The nation has lost its credibility by not owning there own country because of the division between people in the name of Maslaks and ethnicity.

A huge percentage of our politicians and the elite own properties outside Pakistan. Pakistan is run like a mafia, specially in Sindh and Punjab by two traditionalist political families.

There is no Islam in this country but you will see millions of masjids, thousand of Mufti’s and Alims promoting there Maslaki mazhab created by there Maslaki Moulanas. Pakistan is the best place to exploit the mindset of its people by playing the Islamic and the ethinic card.

Person like Imran Khan who is thinking of bringing change and putting thieves and robbers behind bar will remain a dreamer because of the status quo does not want to give it up and loose control of there own power.

No doubt Imran khan is a fighter and fighting hard for this nation BUT the issue is simple: the real change in any country can be driven by its people and that country should act as a NATION which unfortunately Pakistan is not.

Last but not the least, the current situation of Pakistan is getting worse day by day and therefore let’s hope for the best because we Pakistanis and Muslims rely on our creator Allah Subhana Tala’h as he is the best planner.”

Comment from Engr. Tahir Sohail, an Islamabad-based professional & entrepreneur who says he voted for IK twice:

“Till last month I was of the opinion that all what is going on between Imran Khan (IK) and the establishment is a NURA KUSHTI (نوراں کشتی)

Then I realized that IK has made numerous mistakes. I never thought of him as a wise person but never thought that he can be so careless.

He knew that the verdict against Nawaz Sharif (NS) of his disqualification is that NS did not include in his tax filing the amount which he did not receive but was receivable because he was employed by his son (hope you remember the verdict).

The documents I saw include NS failure to show ECP his income which had accrued after he sold the state gifts presented to him and he sold them for profit: most unfortunate is that in his tax filing he did not show the amount he paid for the purchase of gifts from Toshakhana and the amount he profited after the sale of those gift items. Later during next year’s filing of tax returns, he included those amounts.

Now, IK can say whatever he likes, his followers can make every story, but the simple outcome of just this case may be disqualification for him, in my opinion.

We are very unlucky people, I voted for him twice. In my wildest dream I never thought he could be so naive”.

NOTE from Irshad Salim: Khan enjoys overwhelming support in the country as well as among the overseas Pakistanis. “The overwhelming support for IK is not due to the fact that he is an angel, and honestly speaking he has little to show for his 3 1/2 years of government,” an analyst says. Why then Khan has been able to capture the nations collective imagination? According to the analyst, “The reason he commands people’s support is because frustrations against the justice system are deep-seated in the hearts of the people.” The analyst further says, “IK taps into these sentiments and people attach hope with him that he can bring about the much desired change.”

Several observers I also talked to generally agree with the analyst’s take. However, there’s an unconscious bias against Khan and a conscious groupthink of the status quo against his fast-forward rallying cry…and for “trying to be the agent of change in a hurry,” these observers said.

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