This morning, I decided to aggregate few ‘good’ ones (WhatsApp shares) that I had received and saved many out of them over the years. For 2024, I found only one though–I had saved it in February:

Save in February 2024

It’s been only three months, so I hope I save many ‘good’ ones this year also as the days, and weeks and months unroll with precise alacrity–like the red carpet which is unrolled for VIPs and VVIPs as they disembark from their cars and choppers, or on a muddy side street in a marginalized community somewhere in “our land of poor for the rich and for the super rich”–a member in the Back2School WhatsApp Forum used this phrase once, and I saved it then as a ‘good’ one.

Some shares with ‘good’ I found many that I had saved earlier–over the years (2017-) I’ve been back to school! Good for me. Here are few of the ‘good’ written on them for now:

‘good’ manners
‘good’ person
‘good’ human being
‘good’ enough
‘good’ wife
‘good’ morning

I found one clip–it’s on ‘goodness’/’good’ deed’:

‘good’ deed returns!

WhatsApp is a ‘good’ place to hang out. ‘Good’ for me. ‘Good’ for now. ‘Good’ for all.

by Irshad Salim, Karachi