Gossip in Islamabad…

DESPARDES — No, it’s not about relief in fuel prices or reduction in the whopping circular debt, or Qadianis being declared a minority or the Coronavirus pandemic being a bogey man for the global new world order. It’s this vintage record player hanging on a wall looking at you.

Then there is this an old model of a wall phone staring at you. Listening and transmitting?

These Urdu books stacked like a “domino effect” looked spooky but are for real except that where they are at is unorthodox, unconventional.

Another finding a surprise was Dan Brown’s books and Kahlil Jibran’s at the place, including several others was a throw back to those good old days when they were emojis during whatsup conversations at school or at a cafeteria.

These silhouettes of surprises you will find now at the Gossip — located in capital Islamabad’s Bahria Phase 4 Civic Center. A lounge to sit, relax, read these books and eat (if u want to) is the daily special.

Finding National Geographic and Time at this small, cozy, pastel washed hangout (we call it) was a treat. Awesome. The gossip is real.

Including this — they maintained social distancing — following the law. Kiteflying? C’mon don’t gossip please. “We’re not breaking the law. Where’s the kite, can you see it?”

With input from Usman and Tooba of Back2School WhatsApp Forum

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