Have a Heart: Kashmir Dignity, Honor is Under Siege in a Land Under Lockdown

IRSHAD SALIM — Last year almost this time some schoolchildren in Riyadh exhibited what they though Kashmir is all about– evoking their impressionable feelings and innocent but discerning eyes with tender hands, paint and canvas to deliver two-dimensionally.

They did.

Out of the many, here are some which add up to a ‘vision albeit premonition of things then and going forward. Were they so picture-perfect then in their “what do I think of Kashmir’ self-query?

As things stand (like stilled water of a mighty ocean) children, boys and girls, women and men alike— all of the 8 million population remain incommunicado post PM Modi’s August 5 ‘cold-start’ in the Indian-administered Kashmir. There were no ‘Saigon’ or ‘Beirut’ just a plain thud of meteorite called ‘silence’. It was unnatural: stunned Kashmiris on August 5 between midnight and dawn lost their dignity and honor in their own land which stands locked for months– the biggest takeaway of Delhi’s move continues to tick on the global watch. Aren’t they all ‘prisoners of conscience’ or victims of judgment?

This sweet Kashmiri kid needs her dignity and honor back. Her name is today. She wants her tomorrow.

And Kashmir like this sans dead bodies…

And definitely not this…