‘Ho Jamalo’

Shared by Osama Mustafa: Jamal Khan was a Train Engine Driver from a village near Sukkur in British India. For a crime, he was condemned to death by hanging. Before his execution, the Sukkur Railway Bridge was completed. However, for the trial run over the bridge, no driver was ready in fear of imminent death if the bridge gave way under the enormous weight of a steam engine.

Jamal Khan in his death cell was offered freedom, if he undertook the task of taking a steam engine across the long track over the bridge.

When the news of a successful crossing of the steam-engine over the bridge driven by Jamal Khan reached his village, his wife ran out of her house in dire delight shouting Jamalo, Jamalo! And the whole village ran with her towards the Sukkur railway bridge. A legend was created, and a folk song sung in Sindh (now Pakistan) ~the Sindhi popular song “Ho Jamalo”.