Indo-China Flare Up Requires Wisdom

India needs to cease the occupation of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh and handover to China peacefully

A. AHMED — No time for an Indo-Sino war now in this  dire state of the deep economic crisis of India with 1.3 billion in deep poverty, hunger and most migrants in a mass exodus.

It’s time New Delhi needs to come to reality what’s facing the country. Till now it was all those issues of Islamophobia which was igniting swinging in the lap of the US, Australia, and Japan. Moreover, Modi also restricted Chinese investments recently. Now China has claimed Ladakh, which seems very reasonable. The annexation of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh by China will not hurt India. There are huge problems brewing in mainland India. The lockdown is about to cease. The migrants have lost jobs, lives, and have gone through severe hardships. Muslims have suffered the worst discrimination and stigmatization for spreading ‘corona’— an enigma only known to RSS and its allies how it happens.

Time is to focus on the economy, create jobs. Invite foreign investments, repair the damages with GCC with recent social media hate crimes by Indian expatriates, stop the polarization and anti-Muslim agenda of elected officials, media, and police. Bring back India to where Nehru and his family left. It looks like we have to start all over again from 1947.

The loss of barren land will not affect India. But the further loss of life from hunger, unemployment, migrant, and the expatriate crisis will plunge it into a deep disaster. Unfortunately, already lawlessness, drugs, and crime are off the roof since the pre-covid era in major cities.

Hopefully, the political think tanks of RSS, at least shed arrogance and the money they will spend for war should be used for these impoverished citizens.

The writer is a renowned cardiologist from Illinois, USA. The article also appeared in Albilad Daily English online