‘Iran Interprets Pakistan’s Security as Its Own’

Iran’s Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Ali Hosseini said on Friday that the friendly and brotherly relations between the two countries implied that Iran interpreted security of Pakistan as its own security and strongly condemned and rejected any effort to destabilize this country.

Pakistan shares common border with Iran and Afghanistan on its west. It is fencing the common border including the corner where Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan meet –as counterterrorism measure and to control smuggling.

Hosseini clarified that the background of Iran’s regional activities indicated that Tehran had always played a positive role in producing, protecting and assuring regional security.

“This role has also been applied for countering with destabilizing and insecuring elements through suppressing terrorist groups,” the ambassador said in a statement.

Hosseini said Tehran defines its relationship with Islamabad in accordance with mutual respect.

The envoy was responding to a media query about a ganglord (Uzair Baluch) and his dubious assertion on Iranian intelligence request.

The two neighbors have reportedly in works a joint rapid reaction force at the borders for combating terrorism.

The Express Tribune

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