It’s The Oil & Gas, Stupid!

Pipelinistan and geopolitics of energy security are South Asia’s (particularly India and Pakistan) major issues on the front burner -albeit of national security matter, and not peripheral options.

Both neighbors (strangely enough) may be looking at the same calculus amid their territorial disputes related geopolitical rivalries: “assured demand, assured supply”. This is to balance their similar energy security which is of national security import, an observer says.

Here’s a take (audio above) on Russian bid to sell oil and gas damn cheap than international prices -to neighbors – and how India and Pakistan may have looked at the “eye-popping” deal and “mega opportunities” ahead. If this audio take is to be considered open-mindedly -it’s a rare currency in the region though – the sense & sensibility of the narrative is brimful with a great adventure for both.

Comment by Irshad Salim, Islamabad