Why Imran Khan’s Govt. Collapsed? Observers Comment.

“Imran Khan’s PTI-led coalition government in Islamabad collapsed due to their excessive reliance on charismatic leadership and his (Imran Khan) large fan-following –which could not compensate for very aggressive foreign policy, bad governance and heavy reliance on a radical, emotional rhetoric aimed against both world powers and the military — instead of substantive and constructive statecraft, at both domestic and international levels,” Dr. Syed M. Ali, a senior policy analyst based in Islamabad said. Listen to more of his views expressed on Aljazeera:

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We also asked some observers to share their views on the matter:

Amb. Ghulam R Baluch, who’s a foreign relations observer and columnist, tells us that in his view, “Statecraft in democratic dispensation requires consensus building, accepting different points of views, and most of all a culture of decency and civility in public discourses.” He adds, “These were some of the deficits in previous Government. Alas, the promise of an era of change has ended!”

“The reason is the same as has happened in our history -in the past,” said a security analyst in Islamabad. “When the PM starts believing and acting as if he is in-charge of the country… in doing so, he/she forgets the permanent institutions with the help of which they rise to power,” the gentleman added. He has worked in the administration and wished not to be named.

“The coalition collapsed because it was not cohesive. Other partners had no say in any of the actions, and the focus was on one man. Imran Khan”s genuine aim at reforms, progress and modernization are commendable and he did give hope to a nation for years ruled by petty corrupt politicians. But he was oblivious to the backroom deals and devious nature of many of his partners. Also, his tirade against his opponents — accusations which may have been true, and no outreach caused the rank and file of his own group to be disaffected. His flirting with some religious figures also caused a bit of alarm. And finally, his stormy relations with the army. And, of course as we here in the Gulf noticed and read, outside forces were keen to see that he goes back to the pavilion,” Walid Alabyad – a Gulf commentator on subcontinent affairs said.

A member of the Back2School Forum in Islamabad says that “Reality is bitter, so (it’s) better to keep quiet”…”if we can find one head of snake in Pakistan, then things shall be pretty much clear for one to analyze,” he adds. He says, “I bet you cannot find without understanding Quran in depth.” The gentleman based in Riyadh did not wish to be named.

“Absolutely not. It is due to the intervention of the biggest proven terrorist on Earth — the US government. But I honesty feel, and as a personal experience too, that the Americans are one of the nicest people on Earth.” -Bawar Tawfik, s professional engineer in Karachi.

“IK’s Govt. didn’t collapse. It was forced out with a well planned conspiracy initiated and supported by US, UK and some ME countries, using all local corrupt groups. Money, blackmailing, coercion and all other means were used to intimidate all parties and force them to align with the plan. This is no more a secret and even international media is talking about it now. Analysis and commentaries like above are only to justify their nefarious plans and its outcome.” – Dr. Razzak Ladha, Toronto