High Noon: ‘Kashmir Battleground of New World Order’

“We both are nuclear-armed countries. If we had any military confrontation, the world can be in danger” – PM Khan

IRSHAD SALIM — Fear of war in South Asia after New Delhi revoked the special status of Indian-held Kashmir on August 5 brought many scholars, think tanks, journalists and thought leaders together at the ‘Kashmir Crisis’ conference held on Monday in capital Islamabad.

The day-long meet on the situation in occupied and annexed valley– held by Center for Peace, Security and Developmental Studies (CPSD), gave attendees (mostly youth) an opportunity to listen, think and understand thought-leaders’ take on the crisis. ‘War has been thrust on us…we shall defend ourselves,’ said Azad Jammu & Kashmir President Masood Khan.

“A nuclear holocaust is no longer imaginary; We (including the Diaspora) must prepare ourselves against Modi’s war; be ready to defend on every aspect of a holistic war: security, economic, social, media, etc.,” the former ambassador told the attendee.

At the end of the day, the crux of deliberations on the Himalayan crisis was: Pakistan is in a war-like situation, India has triggered a holistic war; Pakistan shall defend, not go to war.

Bottom line: Two wrongs don’t make one right, said one observer, adding that “for peace we must prepare for war though”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in Lahore on Monday reiterated that Pakistan will never trigger a war with India. “We both are nuclear-armed countries. If we had any military confrontation, the world can be in danger,” Khan said in an address to members of the Sikh community. “However, Pakistan will never trigger a war,” he told the International Sikh Convention at the Governor’s House.

Khan said Kashmir issue can be resolved through dialogue as war has never been a solution to disputes.

Security and nuclear expert Dr. Syed Mohammad Ali said it all (watch video below) as he highlighted key observations of speakers at the meet. ‘It’s all about the new world order and Kashmir is the first battleground’.

Kashmir Crisis Conference ISB, Sept 2, 2019

All said and done, Monday saw Kashmir on Twitter and WhatsApp as much as ‘Kashmir Hour’ and Delhi Jama Masjid Imam Bukhari’s fire and fury laced Khitab (sermon) on Friday.

‘Wither India…Mr. Prime Minister don’t demonize Indian Muslims…enough is enough’. (Listen to the audio here)

Over 200+ million Muslims live in India– almost as much as Pakistan, and millions of them live and work in the Middle East.

The general perception that Modi has ruffled many feathers, rattled many, and stoked an already spiraling situation in the occupied valley (for his God knows why the move) is strengthening ground daily— many regional powers appear to duck, cover, sit on the fence though, as the situation has the potential to take a kinda Wild Wild West type scenario in the region– all on President Trump’s and the world’s watch.

High noon.