Kuwait to Introduce New Controls on Residence Renewal Visa

DESPARDES News Monitor — Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower is in the process of establishing new controls for work permits, renewal of residence and transfer of family visas to work in the private sector, reports Al-Seyassah daily and Arab Times.

According to an estimate, expatriates account for 70% of Kuwait’s 4.75 million population, including 3.33 million (Arab and non-Arab) expatriates.

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The papers said the move is aimed at organizing employment and adjusting the population structure, foremost of which is to limit the age of 65 years to renew the residence of expatriates in certain specialties or to adopt what is in force in government bodies — ending services of employees when reaching the age 65.

According to informed sources quoted by the papers, the 65 years limit excludes some professions that do not require a physical effort, such as lawyers, consultants, doctors and some other important disciplines, noting that the controls include legalization of the transfer of the family visa to the private sector including if the husband is Kuwaiti.

In November, another Kuwait newspaper, Al-Qabas, reported that Kuwait could reduce its number of expats by at least 1.5 million over the next seven years as it aims to achieve a demographic balance with nationals. It said the government’s legal body had requested a national committee dedicated to demographic management. It would have the power to achieve a population consisting of 50% Kuwaitis.