Legendary Singer Mehdi Hassan’s Tomb in Karachi Shows Sign of Neglect

Subcontinent’s legendary artist Mehdi Hassan’s tomb shows signs of neglect. It’s been almost eight years since the singer was laid to rest in Karachi’s Mohammad Shah graveyard near Anda Morand.

Arguably the greatest ghazal singer ever and one of the finest playback vocalists of the subcontinent, Mehdi Hassan died on June 13, 2012. Literary giants Faiz Ahmed Faiz, poet Gulzar and the singer par excellence Lata Mangeshkar were admirers of his work.

The maestro’s contribution to Pakistani film music was second to none. He lent his voice to more than 300 films and it is said that in all he sang more than 5,000 songs.

Courtesy: Dawn

Back in 2018, when Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan would’ve turned 91, Google honored him with a doodle to mark the maestro’s birthday.

“Wearing what the world remembers him in; a dark waist coat over cream colored shalwar kameez, Mehdi Hassan’s doodle sits with his harmonium, surrounded by candles and his music,” wrote Dawn.