Malaysia Certifies Rain as Halal

Malaysia’s Health Ministry and Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) on Wednesday officially gave rain halal certification.

“After we approved Lumin halal spring water, testing water falling from the sky seemed a logical next step,”said a Jakim spokesman, “In a world first, our halal meteorological experts flew in private jets carefully checking nimbus cloud formations for traces of porcine. We can now confirm pigs indeed do not fly!”

In contrast to rainfall in Europe or the US –in some cases it rains for days in Malaysia.

Almost every day it will rain very hard, usually at the end of the day around 16.00 until 18.00. The mean annual rainfall on the peninsula is approximately 100 inches (2,540 mm).

The Malaysian government agreed last month to pay Jakim the RM50Million halal certification fee on behalf of rain on the mutual understanding that Malaysian rain must be retested every two years to keep its halal status, reports Tapir Times.

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  1. The government seems to consist a bunch of ignorant sweet taking advisors to tell the ministry on the religious beliefs so as drain & squeeze extra income into the department for survival out of the people’s money. Will the test be carried out honestly & necessarily or be drained into their own pockets via indirect means of corruption? Well, God knows the best & the pick pockets smile cunningly.

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