‘Manmohan Singh Tweet’, A ‘New India’ Meme, and Stanton’s ‘Genocide’ Warning

IRSHAD SALIM — A recent tweet by a parody account I suspect, claiming it to be of “former Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh”, nevertheless sums up the latest cricket match wins/losses the Indian team faced, and the spins they received — all of them highlight the polarization and divisiveness the country is undergoing as the world turns.

Muslim player’s bad_day = gaddar deshdrohi
Sikh player’s bad_day = #khalistani
Hindu player’s bad_day = out of form today.
It is a mistake that’s it, How long is the discrimination?

This tweet pic characterizes bundling game cricket and current affairs in ‘New India’ in a sort of all-in-one thing on social media:

Yet another, on a VERY serious note is a WhatsApp share today –it’s an old one thow, and shows Dr. Gregory Stanton’s warning of a ‘genocide’ threat’ in India –the South Asian country is world’s largest democracy, second most populated (1.3bn+), and abode for the world’s largest Muslim minority (more than 14% of the populace):

Dr. Gregory Stanton, an American scholar, is best known for his work in genocide studies.

The Genocide Watch and the US Holocaust Museum have put India at the top of the list of countries with high risk of Muslim genocide.

Are we witnessing in India the sophomore year, or the junior year of Stanton’s early warnings? To me, it’s discomforting to think about India as world’s largest ‘democracy college’! To quote Walter Cronkite again, “And that’s the way it is”.

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