Dinner For Two With Hina’s Baigan Masala (Eggplant Masala) Pakistani Style

Irshad Salim from Karachi: Yesterday evening I successfully tried with this awesome recipe. I added sliced potatoes to Hina’s recipe though. I also added zeera (cumin seeds) while sauteing chopped onions and a dab of black pepper powder at the end. The dinner for two of us (me and my housekeeper Ahmed) ended up being yummy –with brown bread for me and roti chapati for Ahmed.

It would probably have been more yummy if the baigan (eggplant) was sliced round as suggested in Hina’s recipe. Mine was rectangleish -it was my fault that I had not asked Ahmed to slice them round. Next time the sliced baigan (eggplant) shall be roundish.

PS: Earlier, I had looked at “bharwa baigan masala” | Cooking With Benazir (with English and Arabic Subtitles)”. I opted for Hina’s!

For those who want to try ‘bharwa baigan masala’, here’s the recipe: