Kharra Masala Fish (Fish With Tomatoes and Onions) Recipe

This utterly delicious recipe by Zainab Shah (published in NY Times) melds tomatoes, onions and a small cloud of spices into a delicious sauce. The ingredient list is long, but the cook time is short: The whole thing is done within 30 minutes. Use any white fish you like — they’ll all taste good here. The classic sweet and sour combination of onion and tomato makes the base for this quick fish kharra masala. Optional mustard seeds add pungent flavor and pair well with lemon juice, ginger and the smoldering heat of dried round red chilies–add more onion for more sweetness. Serve this bright and punchy dish with rice or roti, or by itself. For a saucier dish that’s more like a curry, stir in a half cup of water, fish stock or coconut milk after Step 2.

And this: Moroccan Fish with Ginger & Saffron

by Lynne at Cook & Be Merry: First the fish fillets are marinated in a mixture of olive oil, paprika, saffron, ground ginger, lemon juice and minced cilantro and parsley. The paprika and saffron color the marinade a deep rich red. The casserole is layered with carrots, sliced onions and tomato sauce, and baked until the carrots are soft. Next the fish fillets are laid on the vegetables, the marinade is poured over, olives are strewn about, and the fish topped with preserved lemon and the lemon slices –one or two slices per fillet. They’re a perfect addition to the whole flavor profile. Then the casserole is popped back in the oven to cook the fish and it is finished with a flurry of fresh cilantro. Morrocan flavors come out remarkable. More here.