Modi Govt. Asks ‘Karachi Bakery’ to Change Brand Name (Video)

India’s Modi-led BJP government asked decades old ‘Karachi Bakery owners to revisit their trade name and doing business as (DBA).

The renowned bakery with branches in major cities of India was operating as “Karachi Bakery” since 1953.

As of now Karachi bakery is in five cities Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi. They have been ordered to dump “Karachi” as brand name and do a makeover with a new brand.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to make India a “Hindutva state” as the country has a Hindu majority”, says an Indian American professional. The largest minority community of the country consists of Muslims (nearly 14 to 16% of the 1.3 billion population).

India and Pakistan became two independent states in August 1947 as the British partitioned the sub-continent post-World War II and left.

India since then touted being secular and the largest democracy with population next to China.

Jinnah’s “Two Nation Theory” (Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations) led to their formation.

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Modi’s Hindutva push since coming to power in 2016 –for the second time, baffles many observers and has taken the international community toward the theater of silence.

The BJP-ld government has been taking steps in the direction of making India a “Hindutva State”. The Economist earlier this year wrote on it and characterized the situation as “Intolerant India”.

“They are obsessed with Pakistan, may be because Pakistan bashing earns plus scores, whether it’s in politics or in local media,” says a Pakistani analyst.