Monkeys and Apes Chain Smoking, Animals Reclaiming Human Spaces –As Panic Grips Planet

DESPARDES — Stressed-out primates have taken to chain smoking cigarettes as the coronavirus crisis rages across the globe.

In Cambodia, one man took to social media to share a video, titled ‘By 2020 even monkeys can smoke’, which shows a tiny macaque in a pen smoking a cig as another looks on.

The animal is seen to take repeated drags while looking thoughtfully into the distance, as a group of men laugh hysterically and take pictures on their phones.

It seems that as worried humans panic over the pandemic unfolding around them, their stress has rubbed off on monkeys who are reaching for the smokes.

And as humans socially distance from each other due to lockdown, animals are reclaiming human spaces.

“There’s something very beautiful about nature never giving up and showing us that we’re temporary in the scheme of things”.

Wild boar was spotted on the streets of Barcelona, urban coyotes in San Francisco and monkeys in Thailand.

These 15 stunning photos show how animals are reclaiming our #coronavirus deserted city streets.

No where is this perhaps more clear than in Boulder, Colorado. While humans are stuck inside watching Tiger King, real-life mountain lions are out roaming the neighborhood, as user u/clicktosave posted on Reddit:

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has crossed 1.2 million, with 69,474 deaths reported in 183 countries. A not-so-good news is a four-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive.