‘Music Scene is Being “Supercharged” in Saudi Arabia’

‘Incredible to see men and women dancing’: Music (is the) beating heart of Saudi Arabia; (The) Kingdom to host ‘600% more events in 2022, says Princess Haifa, according to report in the Kashmir Monitor (KM).

Citing media reports, KM says Haifa made the comments at the XP Music Conference, a three-day event featuring discussions on Saudi Arabia’s live events sector, held at the Unesco heritage district of Ad Diriyah on the outskirts of Riyadh.

Princess Haifa said music’s growing role in Saudi Arabia’s tourism strategy is in line with international trends faced by the industry for more than a decade. “People used to travel for nature, and then they started to travel for culture and now it’s about lifestyle…

Princess Haifa says she is aware the music scene is being “supercharged” by government bodies such as the General Entertainment Authority. More here >

DESPARDES REPORT: A prominent Saudi educator said the majority of Saudis are appalled at the disgraceful behavior at the Riyadh season. “They have brought third-rated disc jockeys who openly espouse drug-taking and gas behavior…” “These Saudi boys and girls were bottled for ages. Now everything is there”.

Another columnist said, “this is a deliberate attempt by the Entertainment Authority to wean us from our Islamic culture. I am all for progress but this is not”, he added.

A lecturer from Riyadh added that “this is a concerted plan to appease the West and appeal to them. What we want is freedom of expression, human rights, and not just music”.

She was totally disgusted with all these festivals, ‘gay behavior’ she said.

All spoke on condition of anonymity because “the matter is sensitive”.