Muslim Minorities ‘Under Attack’ in India (Videos)

Muslim minorities are under attack in India – front-ended by extremist Hindu activists and supported by the police, a source tells DesPardes who shared some videos of some latest incidents of the ‘attacks’:

Some of the video shares are too graphic to be posted.

“Plan to either kill or expel Muslim community from India through grand massacre and spreading terror…the Indian government instead of protecting minorities have (also) ordered media to stop such coverage, and foreign journalists are being denied entry to such places. Radical Hindu State sponsored terrorism clearly visible,” says the source.

More than 300 educational institutions in Indian-administered Kashmir were shut down by the Indian government on Tuesday, June 14. These popular schools were established by members of Jamat-e-Islami Kashmir to provide general education with Islamic studies. Jamat-e-Islami Kashmir was also banned in 2019 for a five year period without a due process.

Before the announcement, the authorities claimed that all these schools were existing on ‘illegally-acquired government and community land.’ This has been a standard Indian line in demolishing homes, shops, and mosques of the Muslim activists. No due process was followed by India to destroy this popular education system in Indian-administered Kashmir.