After 4 Shots and Two Masks Fauci Catches Covid

NEWS OF INTEREST (NOI): Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday. Fauci, 81, tested positive on a rapid antigen test and was “experiencing mild symptoms,” the National Institutes of Health said in a statement. The NIH noted that Fauci was fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots.

“Dr. Fauci will isolate and continue to work from his home. He has not recently been in close contact with President Biden or other senior government officials,” the NIH said. Fauci attended an event at his alma mater, the College of The Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Saturday, where a complex of science buildings was named after him. Wednesday’s announcement is the first that Fauci’s tested positive since the pandemic began. (NY Post)

“Four shots and two masks apparently weren’t enough to keep Dr. Fauci safe from the virus he was supposed to stop!,” Sean Hannity (TV Host Fox News Channel) said in his tweet.

The Post Millennial tweeted: FLASHBACK: President Biden assures Americans they won’t get Covid if they get vaccinated. Fully-vaxxed, double-boosted Fauci got Covid today.

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