Najane Kab: THIS Pic, the Song, and Jinnah’s Words (Video)

PS: Back in Riyadh in 2013, I met two officers and gentlemen with whom I had an extremely honest, candid and insightful conversations. One of them, Mueen Anwar, a year or two later (summer of 2014 or 2015), passed away — due to cardiac arrest – he was on family vacation in Dubai. Subsequently, in his memory, I formed an online virtual ‘knowledge sharing, collective wisdom’ platform and named it PAKISTAN 2047. The narrative I used for the platform was what Mueen (R.I.P.) had said then to me ‘Zabardast Irshad Sahib’. May God bless him and his soul.

Curated by Irshad Salim with WhatsApp shares from Khalid Sharif, Arif Mirza, and Md. Ali.