Naqeeb Ullah Murder: Father Slams Activists, Labels PTM Movement ‘Foreign Agenda’

Those defaming military are against Pakistan, says Naqeebullah Mehsud’s father Muhammad Khan; Urges PTM leadership to support the military instead of pursuing foreign agenda.

PKONWEB Report — Slain Waziristan youth Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud’s father categorically rejected the movements started in his son’s name and labeled them a ‘foreign agenda’ to destabilize and sabotage peace initiatives undertaken by the State, ARY News reported on Sunday.

Naqeeb’s father Muhammad Khan said some people have been busy politicizing the murder of his son and he would not condone the act under any circumstances.

He alleged some people have been raising funds in the name of his son’s heinous murder and playing on the emotions of the naive, although he has nothing to do with the fund raising campaigns.

“I have complete faith in the justice system and the courts of Pakistan,” the bereaved father said.

He further stated that he has seen cases being dragged for an extended period of time but he could see the resolution of his son’s murder case within a year.

The anti-terror courts have rejected bail pleas of the prime accused, Rao Anwar, revealed Naqeeb’s father. Anwar, a former police offer and accused of having conducted dozens of staged encounters, remains in state custody.

SSP Malir Rao Anwar is currently being tried by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC).

“Those speaking up against the Pakistan Armed Forces are against the state of Pakistan, I show complete faith in the presence of the Armed Forces in and around our areas and the tribal region,” he added.

“I reject the slogan of Lar-o-Bar, such sloganeering is against the state. This is not your’s or mine, Pakistan is for and of everyone,” emphasized Naqeeb’s father.

Naqebullah’s father urged the PTM leadership to support the military instead of pursuing foreign agenda.

“No one is allowed to collect funds using my son’s name,” he added.

He also warned them against using his son’s name to pursue vested interest and gain political mileage.

“This country does not belong to any individual or any group rather it belongs to everyone,” he added.

Naqeeb’s father acknowledged the development projects that have been undertaken by the Armed Forces in the region and the fight they put up against miscreants to restore peace to the land.

In closing he said if people forego politics and stand with their armed forces then no one can defeat Pakistan.

According to State prosecution documents filed with the court, Naqeebullah was killed along with three others, Sabir, Nazar Jan and Ishaq, in a fake encounter in Shah Latif Town of Karachi on January 13, 2018.