New Laser Can Focus All Sunlight Reaching Earth Into Spot Same Size as Speck of Dust

Scientists have made an incredible new laser that can focus all of the sunlight reaching Earth into a spot that’s the same size as a single speck of dust. The huge scientific breakthrough has been made after more than 10 years of experiments and focuses a record-breaking intensity of over 10²³ watts per square centimeter.

The breakthrough has been made by a Korean research team led by senior author Chang-hee Nam, a plasma physicist and professor at Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology.

Their team revealed their amazing development of the laser in a paper published on Thursday, May 6, in the journal Optica.

“The intensity of this laser beam can be compared to the combined power of all of the sunlight across the entire planet but pressed together into roughly the size of a speck of dust or a single red blood cell,” said Nam reports Daily Star, UK.