8 Online Business Ideas That Generate Sustainable Revenue

With more people trying to make money online, thousands of articles give advice on how you can generate some cash in the digital world. No wonder there are so many online business ideas out there!

I’m personally not interested in only making money. I always saw digital business as a new way of providing value. My goal was to build a sustainable business for the long-term. I must be honest; it took me years to build a stable business. And I’m no way near where I want to take my business. The good thing about being a struggling entrepreneur for years is that I’ve learned what doesn’t work.

Just like the majority of entrepreneurs, I’d rather have a business that grows consistently, than a business that’s up and down all the time. Too many digital business ideas are far from stable. How often have you heard of online businesses that dried up overnight after Facebook or Amazon changed something in their policy? Read more