Pakistan Builds Agri Drone, Portable Ventilator

Pakistan has successfully test run locally manufactured drone for anti-locust spraying. The report comes as the country’s PM Imran Khan on Monday inaugurated a local manufacturing outlet for portable ventilators to fight COVID-19.

Pakistan’s approved list of ventilators:

1. Safe Vent SP-100 by NRTC (approved and in production)
2. N-Saviour by NUST (under trial)
3. PAKVENT-1 by NESCOM (under trial)

The ‘Made in Pakistan’ initiative is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. “In the next three years, Pakistan will have its own big medical and electromagnetic industry and I have no doubts that USA will be our major client,” minister Fawad Chaudhry said.

Chaudhry also said three new manufacturing facilities in the public and private sector are being installed for commercial production of ventilators.

The drone is also on the frontburner for commercial and export.

Pakistani Spray Drone

An experts says the drone will help with widespread tree planting to ‘repair’ the country’s eco-system and create new forests also.

Crop treatments from drones, seeding, and even water-spraying (such as firefighting in congested locales) as well as spraying beneficial insects are some other areas the country is looking at and eyeing at the MENA region and Central Asia as potential markets.

Another environmentally-friendly approach can be developed to dispense pest-eating beneficial insects to field crops, says an expert.

“These drones can also replace labor-intensive and potentially harmful use of backpack sprayers and similar equipment, in situations where terrain and/or ground conditions rule out the use of conventional methods.”

However, sufficient legislative hoops to go through may limit field operations to qualified contractors only,” says the expert.

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